Who We Are

Within the asset management division of Parnell Rosenberg Irwin, we carefully oversee a broad spectrum of sophisticated investment strategies, many having long and distinguished performance records. In our endeavours to maintain high performance over multiple market cycles, we rely on a proven investment process.

Global perspective stabilised with bottom-up discipline

In the world of global asset management, we offer the perspective of a company that is based in the heart of the emerging markets but has had a global outlook throughout our history. This viewpoint is all the more compelling as it is offered by an independent, privately owned firm — one whose values are not tainted by conflicting business priorities. For all Priama clients, this underlines our commitment to offering not just our extensive global knowledge but also true independence.

We maintain an investment policy that is innovative, whilst still placing a high value on discipline and vision. We focus on the bigger picture without losing sight of the small details.

Expertise, flexibility and direct access to decision-makers

Our team of seasoned asset management professionals includes many that have been with us since the foundation of our company in 2005 and have chartered what have sometimes been difficult market conditions with skill, vigour, and utmost dedication to their clients.

We use a participatory selection process in which a team of analysts and senior managers carefully study, test, and challenge proposed investment initiatives.

Depending on your level of investment, most of our strategies can be offered through separately managed accounts, mutual funds, or through bespoke private vehicles.

Whichever route is the most suitable for you, you can be sure of receiving attentive, customised service that is fundamental to our culture.

Equity planning that incorporates sector analysis and selection of securities

As bottom-up investors, our aim is always to seek out the best, most appropriate and attractive situations for our clients wherever in the world they may be.

Our internal strategies are aimed directly at those areas that we believe offer the best value, and our team uses impartial research, thorough analysis and their own expertise and knowledge to provide clients with the insight needed.