Risk Management at Priama

Almost all types of investments open up investors to a multitude of possible risks that can develop from a variety of events and scenarios. Risk can be heightened by local or worldwide political or social change, the failure of a single company, industry sector or even a currency. The key to successful asset management is always knowing and understanding the plethora of risks faced by each investment or portfolio, and managing these according to the previously agreed risk tolerance levels.

Assessing Priama clients’ risks and reducing unnecessary exposure to a minimum are both key fundamentals of our overall wealth management process.

The need for ongoing risk management increases daily. The desire for greater returns can lead to risk tolerance being increased, so it is the strategy of Parnell Rosenberg Irwin to make sure that agreed tolerances are not exceeded while still enhancing clients’ portfolios.

A key determining factor of the Parnell Rosenberg Irwin approach is our strong emphasis on determining an agreed and suitable risk tolerance for each client. By diversifying investments among multiple asset classes, portfolio volatility will decrease and overall performance improve. Lower portfolio volatility often gives greater peace of mind to Priama clients.

Whatever the strategy, whether retirement or accumulation, our highly skilled and experienced advisers will always give you the confidence of knowing that all these factors are taken into account and the personal goals of all clients are always at the forefront of any decision being made.