Investment Management at Priama

Investment management is the technique of mapping a course through the ever changing and sometimes unpredictable landscape that characterises the journey to accumulate or preserve wealth. Parnell Rosenberg Irwin's advisory office in Shenzhen provides investment management services to corporations, institutions, individuals, and families. We offer a number of options for clients to choose from depending on individual circumstances.

Discretionary Service

Our discretionary investment management service is especially attractive to those who wish to maintain oversight but may not have the time, understanding or skill to manage their own investments adequately. This service can be of benefit for several reasons, such as a desire for a less stressful existence, frequent travelling or simply not having the time to give the portfolio the attention that is required.

Bespoke Discretionary Service

At Parnell Rosenberg Irwin, our bespoke discretionary service allows individual requirements or preferences to be integrated into a custom designed portfolio. If regular withdrawals are needed for recurring expenses such as children’s education fees, certain areas of investment avoided for political, ethical or religious reasons or simply client’s personal preferences, portfolios can be composed to align with these circumstances and our investment managers will follow these parameters when deciding which investments to make.

Advisory Service

Clients with a sophisticated understanding of the investment arena or a preference for more of a direct involvement in the day to day running of their investment portfolio may prefer our advisory portfolio service. Delays may be encountered and opportunities missed seeking consent before trading, so this option is unlikely to be suitable for busy Priama clients or those that travel frequently or can be difficult to contact.