Estate Planning at Priama

Estate planning is the practice of planning, preparing and organising an individual or family’s assets for the event of incapacitation or death. Many are tempted to leave this process to the last minute or put it to the back of their minds and this can have devastating financial, administrative and personal implications for those left behind. Effective estate planning, as part of overall asset management, can eliminate ambiguity, lead to a speedier probate process, minimise taxation implications and expenses, and in turn leave the greatest amount of assets possible for beneficiaries.

Estate planning is an ongoing process and will need to be adjusted and amended over time as circumstances change. As the legal, jurisdictional, financial and emotional issues involved must be considered, seeking advice from an experienced professional in the field is vital.

Our comprehensive yet compassionate service begins by discussing what is most important to our Priama clients, detailing assets and wishes for the distribution of the estate, such as to family members, friends or organisations and employs state of the art strategies to achieve those goals in the most straightforward and cost-effective ways.