How We Do It

We aim to keep our approach transparent. By working alongside our clients, we will help to establish goals, identify comfortable levels of risk tolerance and establish time horizons. Together with our clients throughout the whole process, we will develop an approach to achieve these goals through practical and time proven asset management.

A portfolio will ordinarily be developed by using our multi asset approach to investing, providing us with the flexibility to meet Priama clients’ needs over the short and long term. This process will begin by determining factors such as the appropriate combination of assets, tolerance for risk and the overall investment target.


Explain how asset management can help you solve your problems and achieve your financial goals.


Examine all of your financial concerns and gain a deeper understanding of what all your financial needs, goals, and circumstances are.


Analyse and develop solutions appropriate to your unique situation and financial goals.


Your adviser brings your asset management solutions into action while maintaining periodic communication and quality services.


We review your financial state regularly to ensure your financial goals are being met.